Rose + Black Currant Candle

Rose + Black Currant Candle

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A complex bouquet blend of rose and black currants mixed with notes of violet, bergamot, honey and jasmine.  This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including cedarwood oil and vetiver oil. 12oz size

*** Packaging will be a black version of what's pictured. Candle vessel remains the same. 

Welcome to INTERSECT.  A female driven and created brand who on occasion, prefers mutt over man.  All candles are poured in a Los Angeles studio, by hand, and in small batches.  

INTERSECT pours a proprietary blend of vegan and kosher soy waxes.  A are cruelty free company!  Their candles are clean burning and use 100% cotton wicks and wooden wicks.  Their scents are a combination of premium essential oils and fragrance oils - free of dyes, parabens and phalates.  Creating for you, candles that you can feel good about buying, gifting or burning.

At INTERSECT, they believe in second chances and giving back, so they donate a portion of sales to an organization called PAWSITIVE CHANGE.  This organization pulls death row dogs and matches them with inmates who are professionally trained to train these dogs. The recidivism rate is lowered by learning a vocation, and all dogs pass a Canine Good Citizen test and are then adopted out.